July 05, 2010

Japanese Tea Ceremony at UN

Beside the main themes of the Japanese tea ceremony (harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility), the ceremony was often an excuse for opponents to meet and sit together in a neutral atmosphere. The Nijiriguchi entrance forced the samurai to remove their swords before entering because of its small size. The Japanese tea ceremony performed by a tea master provided a peaceful meeting which could grow into fruitful peace talks.

Even now the Japanese tea ceremony is used to bring together people from various countries so that they can meet in the neutral surroundings of a tea master to enjoy a cup of matcha green tea.

I came across an article from the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) which acts as ambassadors of peace. They organized a Japanese tea ceremony at the United Nations where representatives from various countries attended and were instructed on how to receive the tea. Later they listened to an introduction into the meaning and purpose of having a tea ceremony including some old tales of Sen no Rikyu.

I guess this is exactly how the Japanese tea ceremony is meant to take place. It is not only for the tea master to find his own silence and meditation, but it should also resonate to its participating guests so that they become humbled and united.

Here is the article : Nigeria mission to UN hosts tea ceremony

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