June 17, 2011

The meaning of a cup of tea

Another successful tea ceremony gathering held with high-profile guests in the Washington DC area. The UPF holds a tea ceremony annually to promote peace and friendly relations.
Lots of smiling people seemingly enjoyed Japanese traditional sweets and green tea prepared and served by women in traditional Kimono dresses.

Here's the original article Tea for peace

June 01, 2011

Tea Ceremony FORUM

There is a new forum for everyone to join and discuss about the Japanese tea ceremony. The forum is still young and is looking for improvements and suggestions from its users.

I am confident that this will become a successful tea ceremony forum for having various discussions on tea and sharing of experiences, ideas, visions, goals, pictures, event dates, etc.

If you have a blog or homepage it would be appreciated if you can share a link to spread the word. Just copy/ paste the following line into the html code of your blog or homepage.

Japanese tea ceremony Forum

See you on the forum :)