March 06, 2010

Japanese tea ceremony classes

All over the world the Japanese tea ceremony is gaining momentum and increasingly more people want to study the way of tea. Through other Japanese arts such as Ikebana, Shodo (Japanese calligraphy), the art of growing Bonsai, which have many practitioners they might be introduced to the Japanese tea ceremony and eventually want to take a few classes or a course to deepen their understanding of the japanese way of preparing tea. Tea ceremony classes are held all over the world, tea classes in America, tea classes in Europe and in other Asian countries as well.

If you are interested in taking Japanese tea ceremony classes take a look at this Japanese tea ceremony classes list to find classes near you.

If you want to suggest a Japanese tea ceremony class to be added to this list, you can leave a reply on this blog or fill out this form for swift submission to the list. Inform us of the
  • teacher's name 
  • location of the classes
  • contact information
  • and a short discription for the best results.
We wish everyone to enjoy learning the Japanese tea ceremony in classes near their own home.

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