June 23, 2009

Tea Ceremony Procedures

Japanese Tea Ceremony Procedures

The steps to the ceremony are quite simple: Start with cleaning the serving bowls as the Japanese tea ceremony is all about cleanliness, boil some water, serve a sweet treat produced locally or something more exclusive to guests before the tea, mix powdered bitter green tea (Matcha) and water to make a frothy tea. To make the best frothy tea, using a traditional Japanese whisk called Chasen is recommended. Serve the tea to guests. The flavors of the sweets and bitter tea compliment each other. This is a sign of balance and harmony.

How to receive the bowl of tea as a guest at a Japanese tea ceremony:

  • Bow when you receive the cup of tea which is called a Chawan.
  • Take the chawan with your right hand and place it in the palm of your left hand.
  • Turn the Chawan clockwise two or three times( depending on which school of tea the teacher belongs to) before you take a drink.
  • When the tea is gone, make a loud slurp to inform the host that the tea was truly enjoyed.
  • Wipe the part of the Chawan your lips touched between the tips of your thumb and index finger of your right hand.
  • Turn the Chawan counterclockwise and return it to the host.

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