December 06, 2008

Japanese tea ceremony Bonenkai

Bonenkai is a Japanese word for "end-of-the-year-party". Most companies, clubs, and other kinds of groups have a traditional bonenkai in December to officially end the year. My tea teacher's Bonenkai will be on Saturday the 13th this month. Some of the students including me will prepare Usucha for the other students and my tea teacher. Last year we didn't have a Bonenkai because schedules didn't match. This year the Bonenkai was announced in November so everyone kept the 13th free. at the Bonenkai, student who come to Keiko regularly will bring "Osebo" which is a small present or gift to the teacher as a token of appreciation. The teacher has taught us many things about the tea ceremony this year so I have bought a very expensive box of Okashi sweets which she can use during Keiko next year. After the 13th I'll write a report on this blog.

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