September 15, 2008

Tea ceremony in Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture Japan

Yesterday I enjoyed three different styles of the Japanese tea ceremony, the first one was Enshuryu, the second one was Edosenke and finally Omotesenke.
At Kairaku-en in Mito city there are various open-air tea ceremony events throughout the year. One of these events is during the plum harvesting season and the other one was yesterday. Yesterday's open-air Japanese tea ceremony was held to celebrate the new full moon. Various schools of tea gather their members and setup their ware to entertain guests with the Japanese tea ceremony. I would say that it is almost for free, it was eight hundred yen to attend three tea ceremonies. I guess this small amount would not even cover the cost for the sweets we ate, because they were quite good quality. At a meeting like this it is a great opportunity to see different styles and how they differ in their movements and the order in which the various tea utensils are cared for. As I am a student of the Omotesenke school of tea, I learned many things to improve my Temae just by watching others prepare a cup of tea for me. For those of you living in Japan in or around Ibaraki prefecture I'd really recommend you find out when the next open-air tea ceremony event is held and come over to have a cup of green-tea.

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