March 22, 2008

Nagashidate style

Today I had an opportunity to practice nagashidate (流し立て) with the ro (). It is a shorter and easier form of temae (手前). Here instead of the mizusashi (水差し) the yakan is used. The setup of the temae corner is different from usual as well: the chawan (茶碗) and the natsume (棗) were placed diagonally from the corner of the ro. The yakan was placed next to the ro in the middle of the remaining part of the tatami mat. The kensui (建水) is placed next to us as we sit straight in front of the ro (instead of sitting diagonally). Next the chawan is placed between our knees and the ro, from here on most of the temae is the same as it would be performed during a usual temae with a mizusashi and or a tana (棚). 

- The top image shows the basic setup for nagashidate when beginning to prepare tea for your guests.
- The second picture shows that the chawan moves between the host and the ro. And also where the chawan will be placed when the tea is ready to be recieved by the guest(s).

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